Web Building for the Terrified

A one-day training course from ArtyIT

What's that?! This sort of nerve-wrenching jargon shows up in those How-to-Build-a-Website books and tutorials, and it's, frankly, frightening! Maybe you think you have to give up on having a web site, or maybe you feel as though you need to get a degree in computer science so you can understand what it all means.

Don't worry--you don't need to know.

It's easy to put up your own web site. And you can do it without knowing any alien computer languages.

We'll show you how.

Take Control

Welcome to Arty IT, your one-stop solution to all of your web site needs. Arty IT's goal is to guide you gently through the process of building a web site, from registering a domain name to 'going live' with your site - and beyond. If the thought (and expense) of finding a designer and maintaining a website terrifies you, our one-day course will banish your fears by taking you step by step through the process. By the end of the day you will have a fully operational site, and you will be able to update and maintain it with confidence.

Web Site in a Day

The aim of the course is not to teach you complex web code or how to use baffling web-authoring software. We will provide you with a sophisticated, attractive and contemporary site, and show you how to adapt it to suit your needs. You will learn how to add pages and links, insert images, upload your site and, most importantly, optimise it so that friends, clients and prospective customers will all be able to find your site quickly using any of the popular search engines.
And we'll do this all in a one-day training session!

During the day's training, you will...

  • choose a look for your web site that most suits your needs and tastes
  • learn how to fill in your company's information, add your company logo, even include some pictures to make your site unique
  • learn to use some simple tools that will allow you to keep your site up to date and to put your changes onto the internet

And voila! You'll have your own website--one that you've made yourself.

You'll have done it at a fraction of what a web publisher would charge; you won't need to hire an expensive web page administrator to maintain the site. You'll have gained computing knowledge without having to spend great amounts of time, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are completely in charge of your own web site.

Want to know more? Of course you do. Fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you, or call us on 01732 455663.

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