My daughter Katie, the light of my life. Except when she borrows my shoes.

Katie's dog Gadget

Katie's dog, Gadget, making himself at home - in my bed! But he is very well trained, and will even go upstairs and get into the bath when told!

My dog Toby

My dog Toby, who is old and deaf now - but at least the mail isn't chewed up any more (he can't hear the postman coming up the path). Tip: never walk a deaf dog in the dark. They're impossible to find.

Someone else's dog

Anybody's dog! I'm a dog-lover, in case you hadn't guessed...


Chocolate fudge cake. Need I say more?! Except that the ratio of topping and filling to sponge has to be exactly right.

Shoes and more shoes

Shoes. Preferably in a sale. Ideally a Closing Down Everything Must Go sale.

Handbags come a close second.

Falling asleep at the computer

Computing, often into the small hours. This isn't my laptop (and it's not me, either). Click on the thumbnail to see my photo.

Winning Spider

The flappetty-flap sound when I eventually win at Spider, having lost umpteen times. Shamefully time-wasting, but deeply fulfilling.


Speeding on an empty road.
Knowing where I am is a bonus...


Lying on the grass in the summer, after a long British winter. Mowing it is a different matter...

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