Small but perfectly formed

Need for Speed

Most web users are notoriously impatient and will not wait longer than 8 seconds for a site to load.

This page loads in a blazingly fast 1.16 seconds using a dial-up connection.

This page has been designed with what web users want in mind: unlcluttered, clear pages that load quickly, with easily accessible information. The novelty aspect of the Intenet has long since worn off for most users. They are no longer impressed with slow flash introductions or over-cute animations. They now use the Internet as the would any other business tool - to get a job done quickly and efficiently.

If you keep in mind that your visitors probably don't want to waste time on your site and will appreciate an efficiently organised place to find information, a small and well-designed site will ultimately only benefit your business.

The Fluidity Test

Are you ready to take it?! Good. First, make sure that your Favourites Pane is showing. Now let your pointer hover over its border until you see a double-headed arrow; keeping the left mouse button down, drag the border over to the right as far as you can. Notice how content re-flows to accommodate the narrower space? This is how smaller monitors will render it.

Drag the Favourites border back to the left, or close it, and try this.  With your left mouse button held down, scroll the wheel of your mouse towards you, to zoom in to the page. (If your mouse doesn't have a wheel, then go up to your toolbar and click on "View" - "Text Size" - and select a larger text size. Admire the way the text size increases, and the fluid flow.   (Unless you've overdone it - there is a limit!)  You can zoom out again now, by scrolling the wheel in the other direction.